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It is important to know that AAA Halton Taxi is on an even playing field with our competitors as the Town of Oakville sets the current metered rate. It is our service that sets us apart from the rest of the pack. By choosing AAA Halton Taxi you will receive a premium service with no extra charge!

Current Regulated Rates by the Town of Oakville

One To Four Passengers:    
For the first 0.145 km or part thereof   $4.25
For each additional 0.140 km or part thereof   $0.25
For waiting time, while under engagement, for each 30 seconds   $0.25
Goods & Service Tax is included in fare.    
Five to Six Passengers:    
There is an additional charge of $10 on top of the meter for more than 4 passengers.    
Hand baggage if loaded and unloaded by driver (per bag)   No charge
Briefcases and parcels of comparable size if loaded or unloaded by passenger (to a limit of four per passenger)   No charge
Bags and cartons containing groceries, if loaded and unloaded by driver (per bag or carton)   No charge
Maximum charge for baggage (per passenger) No charge